• Cross-Channel


    Search, Display, Web, Email, Mobile, Social. And your proprietary business data too.

    Data Sources
  • Custom Dashboards

    Custom Dashboards

    Present your data exactly the way you want and within your budget.

  • API Access

    API Access

    Are you building a reporting tool and need data? Access all your analytics data through a single modern API.

Custom Excel Reports

Adigami collects a lot of raw data on your behalf and sometimes you need to see it in a spreadsheet. Our reporting system can send stakeholders custom-made Excel reports on a daily basis.

Powerful API

If you're building a reporting tool and need to learn, implement, and track all the APIs that supply the data, there's a better way. Accelerate your project using Adigami's modern high-performance API.

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Flexible Cloud Service

Adigami is a cloud-based service that can grow with you. Your data is securely stored on a private server dedicated to your organization.


happy clients

“Reporting was a manual process that was difficult to scale… Adigami helped us build a datamart that tied together source data… that included our own database, website analytics, email delivery systems, social media… That was a major win.”

“We ultimately chose Adigami for flexibility… We were looking for an accelerator and that’s really what was provided to us.”

Ariel Jalali, CTO, StarGreetz

“Adigami provides a unique API aggregation service that allowed our existing clients to quickly integrate with the API’s of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others.”

“Our partnership with Adigami allowed my engineers to focus on the things that they do well and allowed us to leverage the knowledge and experience of the Adigami team.”

“We’re happy the way things have worked out. The Adigami team is very responsive; they work very well with our engineering team and as a result we have happy customers…”

Charity Huff, CEO, TruMeasure