Press Release – April 14, 2013


Adigami Introduces Custom Multi-Channel Dashboard Service for Digital Marketing Analytics

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) April 14, 2013

Adigami today announced its new service for creating custom multi-channel dashboards for reporting on digital media performance. With Adigami’s customizable dashboards, marketers now have an easy-to-use solution for multi-channel digital media reporting and analytics, a refreshing alternative to the current set of expensive and complex tools.

To help promote the new service, Adigami is offering to build a free customized dashboard for evaluation. “We want marketers to see what we can deliver before they commit to a longer-term agreement,” said Cyrus Ghalambor, CEO and founder of Adigami.

The service allows agencies and marketers to work with Adigami to create the exact dashboards that they need for communicating with clients and stakeholders. Aside from the existing list of dashboard widgets, Adigami will also build widgets containing custom metrics, calculations, and charts. Adigami plans to continue building support for popular data sources as well as integrations with specialized data sources from third-parties.

With Adigami, digital marketers avoid the headache of manually downloading and integrating data from multiple channels and data sources. Adigami’s automated data collection service allows marketers and stakeholders to focus on analysis using meaningful and beautiful visualizations.
Adigami uses best-in-class configurable dashboards, providing marketers with insightful BI for reporting campaign performance in exactly the way clients and executives want. Excel remains the ‘go-to’ format in analytics and through its automated reporting technology, marketers can receive custom-made Excel- perfect reports on a daily basis.

About Adigami
Adigami is a data integration and visualization company specializing in digital media analytics. We make it easy for companies to retrieve analytics data from many different data sources and provide them with custom dashboards. In addition, our simple and uniform API allows clients direct access to their entire data stream. For more information, visit the company websites at, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Four problems facing the API economy


A number of significant developments over the past 5 years have propelled us into what some call an API economy… APIGEE has a great video explaining this and is definitely worth seeing. In a nutshell, because of the rapid proliferation of devices and apps, if you have some data that is remotely useful, it needs to be accessible through an API. This has led many companies – big and small – to develop proprietary APIs that are either public or accessible to partners.

While API technology has also matured over the past 5-10 years, developing applications against an API (or a set of APIs) is still not easy. Some of the more established APIs are not necessarily the most modern in design, which makes integration a challenge requiring time and valuable resources. Often these happen to be important APIs that many people have to integrate with.

So there’re two main problems here: First, there are too many APIs, and second, many are not easy to integrate with. There’s actually a third – hidden but significant – issue in that there isn’t enough uniformity in the syntax and semantics of APIs even within a single industry. While REST has done a lot to improve this situation, there’re no “enforced” rules governing syntax and semantics.

Fortunately, we believe there is an elegant solution that addresses these problems, and we call it API Aggregation. The idea is to bring key APIs within an industry under a single umbrella. It would act as a gateway to the data available through those APIs by providing a single uniform and modern API. The ease and speed of integration that this approach provides are significant. Improvement in time-to-market and access to the pool of untapped data can open up many possibilities.

API aggregation actually solves a fourth problem that can be a show-stopper in any API integration project. APIs change all the time and keeping up with the change is not easy. By shifting the burden of upkeep to a single provider, developers can rest assured that their work doesn’t break and they can stay focused on data analysis and visualization, rather than data collection and integration.

A big week for Adigami!


This is a big week for us. We just announced the launch of our cloud-based cross-channel analytics technology and are very excited about the reception we anticipate.

After 5 years of hard work, the market has finally caught up with us and our vision for digital media analytics management. Marketers and companies are no longer content with hand-made Excel reports. They can no longer spare the time for the manual download of results from the multitude of data sources. And most definitely cannot afford the errors that inevitably happen when you assemble and process so much data by hand.

Fortunately, we are not the only ones offering solutions, and that’s a welcome change. It further validates the market and gives clients more options so they can solve their problems using the solution that fits best.

If you’ve been struggling with digital analytics data collection and visualization, please get in touch. We’re excited to speak with you about our work!

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Press Release – October 2, 2012


Adigami Launches Evolutionary Data Integration Technology for Budget Conscious Digital Marketers, Providing Lean, Efficient Cross-Channel Reporting

Within Hours, Digital Marketers Can Create Cross-Channel Analytics Reports
Via Adigami’s ‘Fast Data’ Cloud-Based Technology

Newport Beach, California, October 2, 2012

• Adigami, a provider of affordable data integration tools for digital marketers, today announced the launch of its ‘Fast Data’ solution for integrating and reporting on cross-channel data via a universal API [Application Programming Interface].
• The Adigami solution offers an alternative to the expensive, complex, and usually time-consuming tools available in the marketplace, providing digital marketers a means of integrating data and creating reports in as little as a day’s time!
• Costing only a fraction of what other analytics solutions are priced at, Adigami is a cloud-based service that enables fast setup using its API connectors with top search engines, ad servers, bid management systems, and social media networks.

• With Adigami, digital marketers avoid the headaches of manually collecting and integrating cross-channel data, or the pains of using tools that are overly difficult and too costly.
• Adigami’s simple and uniform API for digital media analytics allows marketers to pull in data and create reports that exactly fit their needs, and share the results that day!
• Adigami has partnered with best-in-class dashboarding services such as Geckoboard to provide marketers with insightful business intelligence [BI] in exactly the way clients and executives want.
• Excel remains the de-facto format in analytics and business intelligence. Adigami’s extensive solution can also provide marketers with custom-made Excel reports on a daily basis.

• “We developed Adigami’s data integration and reporting technology after seeing digital marketers painfully struggling with costly, impossible to use analytics platforms. We wanted to give marketers an affordable, elegantly simple means of looking at cross-channel data,” said Cyrus Ghalambor, founder of Adigami.
• “Adigami’s unique API integration service enables our clients to quickly integrate with the APIs of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others,” said Charity Huff, CEO, TruMeasure, which enables collection of customer engagement data for print, online and mobile media.
• “When evaluating the effectiveness of marketing spend, timeliness is critical. Our solution costs only a fraction of what other integrators charge, and marketers get results in a fraction of the time,” said Ghalambor.

About Adigami
Adigami is a data integration and visualization company specializing in digital media analytics. We make it easy for companies to retrieve analytics data from many different data sources and provide them with custom dashboards. In addition, our simple and uniform API allows clients direct access to their entire data stream. For more information, visit the company websites at, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Press Contact: Jennifer Spoerri

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A unified API for digital media analytics


If you’re building an app (for web or mobile) that needs to bring in data from a variety of data sources such as Google Analytics and AdWords, Microsoft adCenter, Facebook (social and ads), Twitter, DoubleClick (and others) then you’ll need to learn the API’s for each and every one of these sources AND continue to stay on top of the changes they make to them on a regular basis.

What does the Adigami API do? 

With the Adigami API what you get is a dozen or so standard calls that are applicable across many platforms. You will be up an running in a matter of minutes, your data is automatically kept up-to-date, and past data is stored for up to 1 year. We also keep track of any API changes and improvements that the data providers make so you can focus on what you need to do.

Digital media analytics is becoming a hot commodity as more and more companies scramble to gain a better understanding of their online advertising, inbound marketing, and online presence in general. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort in designing and developing the Adigami API and think that many others will find it useful in building their own apps.

Our sandbox and some documentation will be ready later this month and encourage you to try it for yourself.

How much does it cost?

Use of the sandbox will always be free, but we limit the amount of data that is captured. For now, we’re planning to provide two weeks of data for any data source you add to your account. Contact us if you’re interested in getting an API key and let’s start a conversation. We look forward to your feedback.

Adigami and Geckoboard


Adigami is now using the Geckoboard dashboarding platform to help clients visualize their online analytics data. We’ve had success with several clients and recently wrote about it on the Geckoboard blog. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Supporting the SendGrid API


In just a few weeks, we will begin to support the SendGrid e-mail marketing reporting API. This will be an important milestone for us since we already support ConstantContact and VerticalResponse and would like to round out our “e-mail package” with SendGrid.

A comprehensive online marketing plan needs to have an e-mail component and we’re very pleased to be able to support a well-respected service such as SendGrid.

API for Display Advertising Reporting


Yesterday we released our reporting API for display advertising. We’re very excited about supporting DART for Publishers and Yahoo! APT out of the gate with a few others to follow soon.

As you may know, Google has begun a slow migration of their DART for Publishers clients to the newer API which is called DoubleClick for Publishers. Adigami already supports the new system and we will be making some announcements around this API soon.

Our challenge with this work was to find a way to keep the simplicity of our API service without sacrificing power, and I think we achieved this goal! We believe you’ll be very happy with the rich data and analysis we can provide for display advertising results.