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You probably need more than a dashboard!

You have multiple clients, and you're [most-likely] providing slightly different services for each one. When you think about reporting, the first thing that naturally comes to mind is the dashboard. In many cases, building the actual dashboard is not a big challenge. The big challenge is correctly aggregating data for each client so that you can go to a single place and get the whole picture for that client. How do you collect data from all the different data sources and extract bits and pieces for each advertiser, and assemble it into a coherent view?
That is the real value Adigami provides. There are many dashboard and BI solutions, and they all have long lists of "integrations". But those integrations can be shallow and don't get to the guts of the analytics that matter to you and your clients. Adigami understands this conundrum. There needs to be some level of customization before things fall into place and we have designed Adigami so that it can provide a deep level of detail at an affordable price. 
So if you are thinking about dashboards, please contact us and we can help you think through your entire project.
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